Friday, April 5, 2013

It's The Weekend!!

How will you be spending your weekend? With our shop open 7 days it means no rest for the wicked on the weekend. In fact it means overtime baking, slicing, packing, selling, driving, serving, counting, and a whole lot of happy customers!

Our store at Fairfield Waters is open 6.30- 4 on Saturday and is a great day for getting your favourite Specialty Breads (We will also be at North Shore Markets from 6-11) For example we have; 

  • Orange, Vinefruit & Pepita- a 30% Rye, 70% White dough with whole orange pulped through it, fruit off the vine and pumpkin seeds. Not an overly sweet loaf but great if you love fruit. 
  • Roggenbrot- our 50% Rye loaf is a favourite on the weekend. With Rye being so good for you everybody is starting to jump on it. It is more dense than other loaves, has great flavour and is more filling. A very unique loaf but once you try it you will love it. 
  • 100% Rye- this one is not for newcomers to Rye. A dense 1.2kg loaf the people that love it cannot get enough of it. It has so many nutritious values as it is;  DAIRY FREE & YEAST FREE. 
  • Fig & Aniseed- Another new combination the baking team have come up with. The first question customers ask is- how strong is the aniseed? Too many experiences with Sambuca perhaps! Regardless the taste is not overpowering it compliments the Fig well and customers keep coming back for more. 
  • Cornbread- Made on Polenta, Milk & Sugar it is just about our only loaf with sugar in it. Whilst it has a sweetness to it, it is not over the top and this loaf can be made both savoury or sweet depending on what you put on it. That's not to say you can't eat it on its own though! Our American customers love this loaf and so will you during the Winter months. 
  • Brioche- Yummm! Who doesn't love a bread that is almost a cake? With lots of egg and butter this bread is great with your favourite jam. It is also great with eggs and bacon for breakfast. We have even had a very creative customer use it to make a chocolate and coffee bread and butter pudding!
  • Spelt- With My Kitchen Rules using so much Spelt Flour on the show we have found a lot of interest in Spelt of late. As you may know we had Spelt hot cross buns which were a hit. We have trialed a Spelt sourdough - also a big hit and our Spelt loaf continues to be popular with many people putting in orders. Lower in gluten, higher in protein this loaf is great for people with slight intolerance or who just want a healthier alternative to white bread.
  • Sourdough- We continue to do our sourdough range regularly for the customers that are hooked on it! We use a traditional process to bring to you your beloved sourdough. We will do a blog soon to tell you exactly what goes into sourdough. You will find yourself well educated and perhaps less likely to try any alternative sourdoughs from other stores- for example the well advertised mass produced loaves from supermarkets. Our sourdoughs come in; traditional batards, baguettes and rolls and the olive sourdough batard and baguette. 
  • Turkish bread and Ciabatta will still be on offer over the weekend and are great for entertaining  when put together with other fresh produce from The Precinct!
Sunday trading is 6.30- 2.30 (We will also be at Cotter's Markets 7-1) and we have some alternatives to the breads just mentioned, we have;
  • Walnut Sourdough- a beautiful loaf with plenty of walnuts, this one is delicious on its own and great for customers looking for a 'nutty' bread.
  • Honey & Wholewheat- Not as sweet as you would think but the wholewheat with honey makes this one taste healthy and hearty!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Precinct, Idalia

Shops 12-18 Village Drive, Fairfield Waters

Upon entering into the well established complex known as 'The Precinct' we were welcomed warmly by the co tenants surrounding us. Over the last 2 months we have established such respect for the business people who offer us day to day support and a cheery hello or wave- even in the wee hours of the morning or late in the afternoon when we have all worked far too long!

Being in a close network of businesses means we spend a lot of time together even; festive seasons, weekends, late nights, early mornings and public holidays! We try out each others produce for a seal of approval and we meet each others families. All in all we have similar interests, passions and encouragement for what each other is aiming for.

You may already be familiar with the business we are talking about but to remind you, there is;

  • Precinct Fine Meats- Russell and co have an amazing assortment of high quality meats to choose from, they have very cost effective meat packages and make dinner easy with ready made stir fry's and chicken options. My favourite is the Chicken Kiev, with its garlic and herb butter and large portion size! The boys are very friendly and helpful and they are open all week. 
  • Angelina's Deli- Anthony and the girls have a huge variety of gourmet meats, cheeses, antipasto options, pizzas, sauces, chocolates, biscuits, drinks and so much more. You will lose yourself in the aisles as you peruse all that they have on offer. They also make amazing rolls for lunch using all of their gourmet products! The friendly team are very obliging and if there is something they don't have they will do their best to get it. 
  • Froot- Manager Graham at the Froot shop has done an amazing job to turn the fruit market around. The produce is very fresh, the store clean, the staff very friendly and helpful and there are some great bargains! 
  • Gloria Jeans- Where would I be in the early hours of the morning without a large caramel latte or creme brulee chiller? The team are so chirpy and now have electronic frequent sipper cards and an ipad to play with at the counter!
  • News on Precinct- They have all your favourite magazine, a huge choice of cards and scratchies and great gift ideas. The owners are lovely and another example of family business working hard to stay true to what they care about.

So next time you are looking to support small locus business and need great quality produce come and visit us at The Precinct. Grab a coffee and read the paper. Get some bread, milk and desert from Three Loaves, get a roast from Precinct Fine Meats, make an antipasto platter for an entree from Angelina's and get your salad or vegetables from Froot. You will love the convenience of doing it all in the one centre. Not to mention there is a bottle-o nearby or if you feel like dining in you will love Ciabatta restaurant (be sure to try the Barramundi before the menus change)!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Three Loaves Bakehouse - New Ownership!!

Well its belated by 8 weeks but we are very excited to announce to the community of Townsville that Three Loaves Bakehouse is under NEW OWNERSHIP!

With so many questions and interest in the the new ownership we thought we would share with our customers our story as the new owners. 

Andrew- Owner & Baker who you may have seen on the news recently (up to his armpits in hot cross buns) has been the Baker at Three Loaves since it first opened its doors in 2010. During this time he played a large role in developing it into the well known Artisan Bakehouse that it is. 

Andrew has created and adapted age old recipes of many of the breads you love to this day. He has mastered the art of traditional and authentic Sourdough processes, including 'feeding' the dough each day (more information to come- you just won't believe how much is involved in your beloved Sourdough!)

So when the opportunity came up for Andrew to purchase the business he had put his heart and soul into for two and a half years of course he could not pass! And now Andrew together with his wife (yours truly) and a whole lot of support and love from family & friends he now calls it his own.

Our Team; 
You can't have great bread without a great Baking team!

Andrew is joined on the Baking team by a wealth of experience in Co- Baker Trevor. Trevor has had more years in his trade than most people in their career and through the years has developed a whole lot of knowledge and skill in Baking. Trevor and Andrew combined make Three Loaves Bread a standout. If only you could see them at work in the wee hours of Sunday Morning. 

Apprentice Beau joined the team and since doing so is developing more than just a skill in baking sliced bread! He is learning more about the traditional processes used at Three Loaves than most other bakers know of. He is also getting to explore talent in our Specialty breads, pastries and delectable sweets!

The warm, welcoming smiles you receive when walking into our little shop is from our fantastic point of sales team. The girls manage to keep up with serving, re stocking, organising, tidying, slicing, and not to mention cleaning (if only you knew how many times the shop is swept out to keep it looking nice)! The girls keep themselves well educated about our breads and if they don't know the answer on the spot Andrew is usually near by to jump in. 

Now to clarify;

  • Where are we? The one and only Three Loaves Bakehouse Store is located within The Precinct, Fairfield Waters. Our opening hours have extended so your favourite goodies are more accessible to you! We are open Monday- Friday 6.30-5.30, Saturday 6.30-4, Sunday 6.30-2.30.
  • Markets- We will still be doing the North Shore Farmers Market every Saturday- we may have moved position somewhat but we are still there. We will also do the Cotters Market every Sunday and are still positioned in Flinders Square. 
  • The Bread- As mentioned, Andrew has been the baker since doors opened, he continues to do the Bake together with the Baking Team and therefore you will not be deprived of the breads you know and love. We have however started to explore some exciting new breads and we plan on keeping you updated on these as well as when you will be able to get them. 
  • Pies/Sausage Rolls- We have developed our very own range of Pies which you will love! Our crispy, buttery pastry combined with great quality meat means you are treating yourself to a delicious pie. Our most popular flavour by far is the Beef Burgundy- a chunky steak with red wine sauce this one will be so good in Winter Months!! Other flavours include; Plain, Mince & Mushroom, Mince & Bacon, Mince, Bacon & Cheese, Mince & Onion and Curry.
  • Prices- You will notice a decrease in some of the prices in store, our Owner/Baker has reviewed some of the costings of your favourite breads & pastries! 
  • North Ward Store- The North Ward Store has now re branded to Sweet Bridge Larder, a separate business not owned by Three Loaves. 
  • Magnetic Island- Arcadia Store: Julie and Clayton from Arcadia Store, Magnetic Island are open Monday- Saturday and order daily from Three Loaves Bakehouse. Go in store from 7.30- 5.30 or phone 47785387 to put in your orders. You can even order our croissants to have on the beach!